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Welcome to Immediate Waste & Resource Management Ltd, an all in one service for your waste management needs. Immediate is an environmental services management company which provides integrated waste management solutions and specialist cleaning services, as well as consultancy and environmental project management. Based in central Scotland, our qualified team are highly experienced environmental sector, logistics and operation professionals, who are able to deliver bespoke waste management solutions, from individual events to ongoing daily waste solutions.
We are committed to providing customers with a broad range of integrated management and recycling services. We aim to provide Zero Waste solutions with particular emphasis on waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling. Immediate's careful management of waste streams ensures compliance with all pertinent legislation.
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Recycling & Zero Waste

We rigorously apply the waste hierarchy ensuring that landfill is the last option for your waste. Our access to a wide range of MRFs across the UK ensures we have a local solution for your waste. Our prices reflect the materials that can be recovered from your waste such as card, paper, glass, plastics, wood and metal.
Our ability to send residual waste to RDF facilities ensures that we minimise the use of landfill. Through our extensive network of partners we minimise vehicle costs. We are able to provide value in this very competitive market by working with our customers to ensure that we tailor their waste container and frequency of lift by carefully assessing their waste stream and the composition.
By working with our partners to consolidate work and increase vehicle efficiency we are able to minimise prices. Our extensive range of services covers 120 litre bins through to 40 cu. yd containers and covers all commercial and industrial as well as construction and demolition waste streams. We can cater for commercial waste removal and services, including eco waste services.

Cleaning Services

We provide a full range of industrial, domestic and commercial cleaning services. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Silos , ovens and tank cleaning
- Cleaning of pits and sumps
- Cleaning of drains and sewers
- Spillage containment and clean up
- High vacuum suction services
- High pressure water jetting
- Tankering /transport and disposal service
- Office cleaning, retail and hotel cleaning
- One-off office cleans
- After events cleanups
- Event cleaning services
- Landlord & letting agencies (End of tenancy cleaning)
- Window and high level cleaning
- Refurbishment and builders clean
- Site clearance
- Litter teams for manual picking
- Disposal services
- Micro pick
- Landfill litter management

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Festivals and Events Management

Immediate are highly competitive in the marketplace and are able to offer “litter management” and “waste disposal” and integrated solutions for our customers.

Our extensive experience and understanding of the customer requirements ensures that a top quality job is delivered when “cleaning up” and that we maximise the recycling and recovery of your waste to minimise prices.

Our team bring a wealth of experience and a broad range of skills so that all eventualities can be managed to ensure your festival or event venue is presented to the highest standards.

Projects and Consultancy

At Immediate we have a highly experienced and qualified team of waste, logistics and operation professionals. Through this team and their network of fellow professionals we are able to tackle all aspects of waste consultancy and manage a diverse range of waste related projects.

We can organise on your behalf a diverse range of logistics and waste management services as well as advice from our network of specialists.

Environment and Legislation

For more information on waste legislation click the links below:

Duty of Care     

Zero Waste Regulations  


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